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I've Been Busy! And Giveaway!

Who dat? Why, just little ol' Tiberius, here to catch you up on all the things happening in my life! So here we go!

First, I finally got the castle I so rightly deserved!

Then I attempted to have some alone time to contemplate the meaning of life, but was accused of "being in a trance and staring off into space."

Still, being the pleasant dog that I am, I found it in my heart to tell a joke or two.

(see our meme postcards here)

Unfortunately, the joke was on me when they forced me to wear a black bear snood... in public.

I was so distraught I had to take to my bed.

Of course, I couldn't get a wink of sleep.

Luckily I regained enough self confidence to become a mighty Viking on Halloween!

It was also my sister's birthday, so I made sure to give her the birthday greeting that she deserved!

Of course, I did lots more. Come check me out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to read all about it!

And now! The moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of our last giveaway of a safari deer dog toy is:

Congrats to Colette! We'll contact you for your mailing address!

Want another giveaway? Sure you do! Look what you can win:

It's a cute elephant dog toy! All you have to do to enter our giveaway is to leave a blog comment below. A winner will be chosen by random draw before our next blog entry!

And guess what? Our 2019 calendar is here!

Right now, through Thursday, November 22, 2019, it's 60% off! Use code HOLIDAYZSAVE to get this great deal!

Want more savings? Use the same code to get 60% off greeting cards, postcards, labels, magnets, all-over print totes (large) and so much more! Our shop is here and we hope you'll visit!

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Cyber Monday update: Up to 75% off products with code ZCYBRMONDAYZ. Wow!

And of course...

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to! See you soon! Love, Ti!

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