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Ti's 11th Birthday! And Giveaway!

It's me, Ti, and guess what?? I'm eleven today! And naturally I got a great big cake, all to myself! Let me share the party details with you! Waiting was torture...

When the fam finally served it up, I thought I'd be polite and start with a teensy taste...

And then, friends, something terrible happened. Before I could even get a bite of cake, Mom said that because I'm now a "senior," (wha--??!) I'd only be getting a single slice!

I tried to make do with the tiny portion I was served...

And then, just like that, I was cakeless. On my birthday. Can you believe it?

I was reduced to scrounging for crumbs.

Ugh. And here's my opinion on this sub-par birthday party:

Fortunately, there were other activities to soothe my hurt feelings. The chief house peasant baked me my very own dog cookies!

Finally! I was being treated like royalty, as I deserved.

Not only that, but a beautiful stuffie and card arrived all the way from Pakistan from my friends Ayesha, Angel Pintu, Fluffy and Happy!

I love it! Thanks very much!

And now, the moment you have all completely forgotten about! We have the winner of our last giveaway of a cute plush dog toy!

Congrats to Deb K! We'll contact you (or you can contact us) for your mailing address!

Now, no birthday celebration would be complete without another giveaway, right? Look what you can win:

It's a safari deer! (Really, that's what it says, ha ha!) All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog (below). A winner will be selected before the next blog entry! Good luck!

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See ya soon! Smooches!


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