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Spring Happenings! And Giveaway!

Hello there! It's me, Ti! Let me fill you in on some of the springtime happenings here in Michigan!

First, Mom and my sister went away on vacation for a few days and Dad babysat. Certain unmentionable things may or may not have occurred.

We were just a couple of guys, hanging out and doing our thang.

After all the male bonding, I could feel some big changes were going to take place around our house...

Then the ladies returned and all hopes were dashed.

It was ok being a girly man, though, because my friend Joan sent me money and the women took me out for ice cream!

Look! The ice cream shop had special soft-serve ice cream just for doggies!

Not only did I get a sweet treat, but later my friend Theo came to visit! I was SO excited to see him!

Theo is the bestest friend a guy could ask for!

Speaking of friends ... and brothers, we got this memorial marker for our garden...

It's very lovely but we miss our Augie boy very much!

Now, how about a giveaway? Look what you can win:

It's a hedgehog dog toy!

All you have to do to enter our contest is to leave a comment below. A winner will be selected by random draw before our next blog entry. Good luck!

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Love ya! Tell your friends about me!


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