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AugieDoggy.com Fan Art

 We have been fortunate to receive original AugieDoggy.com art from fans around the world!


This beautiful watercolor is by the talented US high school artist, Alyssa D.!


An 85-yr-old gentleman from Brazil drew these pictures of Augie and Ti in their Double Dog Bakery outfits!


     The Musketeers in Singapore had this portrait                           A drawing by Grace Gaskin!

      commissioned by a famous artist in Malaysia!




The above three portraits of Augie, Ti, and our family's first dog, Gretchen, were done by Ayesha in  Pakistan!



         A Russian animator, Polina Stefan (a.k.a Oha), presented us with this caricature of Augie!



A pet portrait artist, Barbara Martorana, asked to use one of Augie's photographs to create an original drawing that was made into limited edition prints!



Our friend Denny Rahaman made this cool picture!  Take a look at the background--it's made up of photos of us!


If you'd like to create AugieDoggy.com art for us, we'd be thrilled!  Use the Contact Us form and we'll supply our email address.  You'll see your masterpiece featured here!