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Olympic Dogs! And Giveaway!

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Hello!  How have you been doing? Keeping warm?  You probably don't know this, but we have been in Sochi, COMPETING IN THE WINTER OLYMPICS.  That's right.  And not just one sport--MULTIPLE SPORTS! 

Let us fill you in!


Two-dog bobsled: 

Group ice dancing: 

Freestyle skiing: 

We even competed in a brand new Olympic event:  Relaxing While Watching the Refrigerator:

Needless to say, we were the gold medalists in every sport!      

Aren't you impressed by our fabulosity? See you at the Summer Olympics!  

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!  The winner     of our last giveaway of delicious Dog Mom's Bakery cookies is...

Congrats to Mike Kerelitch! We'll contact you (or you can contact us) for your mailing address! If you didn't win, don't despair!  Dog Mom's Bakery is having a special for the rest of the month!  Carob Peanut Bud-ders are “Buy one dozen – get 1/2 dozen free!” 

Ready for another giveaway?      Look what you can win:

Yummy, yummy dog treats!  All you have to do to enter our giveaway is leave a comment below.       A winner will be chosen at random before the next blog entry!


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See you next time! 


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Reply Dog Mom's Bakery
6:01 PM on February 18, 2014 
You guys are"Pure Gold"!!! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. :)

Kiva, Claire & Sandy would LOVE to have some treats!
Reply Carol
6:35 PM on February 18, 2014 
You guys are the best! Love getting these emails, always makes me smile. Sometimes even giggle. You are both so cute, Thanks for all the happiness you share.

Carol and Maggie
Reply Doogie
6:40 PM on February 18, 2014 
Doogie says, "Please" and "Thank You!!"
Reply Paul and Lin
6:51 PM on February 18, 2014 
We were rooting for you guys! We knew you were golden!
Reply Joe Wright
7:00 PM on February 18, 2014 
I sure like seeing Augie and Ti in the events better than any of the rest. I'll be watching for them in the closing ceremonies.
Reply joan huddleston
7:00 PM on February 18, 2014 
absolutely you are the golden medal winners in all events. your medal picture is just spectacular and your both look so beautiful. I know you excelled in all event and fridge watching would be the most difficult, with the expectations, false starts, interferences but you will come to victory. just love your blog and thanks so much!! luv and smooches!s
Reply Barbara Langdon
7:38 PM on February 18, 2014 
Jasper and Chaz loved watching you in the new event of fridge watching. They are both practicing for the next Winter Games
Reply MissMae
8:13 PM on February 18, 2014 
I laughed out loud at these, but it's no surprise that you gorgeous boys won the golds (since you ARE Goldens, after all).

Really loved the "Relaxing While Watching the Refrigerator". Greatest event ever! LOL
Reply Lee
8:25 PM on February 18, 2014 
Gold for Gold !!!
Reply Connie Brown
8:56 PM on February 18, 2014 
I just love reading your blog and seeing Ti and Augie on facebook! Keep them coming.
Reply Eva Martz
9:42 PM on February 18, 2014 
Sammie says pick me, pick me!! I just turned 10 and I'm starting to slow down a bit. I've never seen snow, just lots of sun!
Reply Ann Marie Stelma
9:58 PM on February 18, 2014 
You guys are Gold Medal winners to me.
Reply cindy wilde
10:52 PM on February 18, 2014 
congrats on the winter games you took the gold in all the events
Reply Angelique Daley
11:43 PM on February 18, 2014 
I love your new competition, relaxing while watching the refrigerator door. You two are winners!!
Love ya!
Reply Elisa & SierraDawg
2:54 AM on February 19, 2014 
We love the Gold Medal Champions!! Always a pleasure to read about your adventures. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

Elisa & Sierra
Reply Liz Watling
7:00 AM on February 19, 2014 
You boys never fail to make me go 'Awwwwwww', laugh out loud, or roll off my chair in a fit of giggles! You're just too cute!
Reply Buddy's mom
8:50 AM on February 19, 2014 
You're both "Gold" in my book !! Thanks for the laughs. I think Buddy could give you a run for your money in the Refrigerator Watching event ;)
Reply Sam
9:00 AM on February 19, 2014 
After months of giving Harlow fruit, I know she'd like to try something different! ;)

We were cheering you on - did you see us in the crowd?

Monty and Harlow
Reply Caramel's Mom
9:26 AM on February 19, 2014 
You two are always "GOLDEN" to us!!! We hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and wish you could come down to New Orleans for Mardi Paws!!!!
Love, Caramel
Reply Kimberlee P and Tucker
10:03 AM on February 19, 2014 
Love looking at the cute pictures of you both. I always get the Isle of Dog treats for Tucker. He loves them. He never had the Fruitables though